N° 12 – The Log


MacGuffin Nº 12 The Log takes a walk in the woods to explore the design and politics of timber. From the last Norwegian trunks that floated down the Glomma to the indigenous logs that help map the Amazon, and from Jamaican lacebark trees to online chatbots: meet the logs that function as totems, design tools, oracles, wormholes, comic figures, activist artworks, village idiots, prison cells, logbooks, nightmares and dreams. Featuring: James Beckett, Basje Boer, Doriana Falcón, Formafantasma, José Bessa Freire, Rudy Guedj, Eliot Haworth, Khaled Jarrar, Emily King, Kai Lobjakas, Jente Posthuma, Olga Prader, Ellef Prestsæter,  Lou-Lou van Staaveren, SulSolSal, Mirelle van Tulder, and many more.

Ode to the Log Lady

A cross between a village idiot and an oracle, the Twin Peaks character cradling a piece of wood invites us to look beyond clichés of womanhood.

Jaguars of Yuruparí

Maps drawn by the indigenous communities of the Yuruparí region of the Amazon reveal a form of cultural cartography that preserves ancestral knowledge, of rivers and forests, of sacred sites and shamanic rituals.

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