N° 10 – The Bottle


MacGuffin Magazine celebrates its tenth jubilee by uncorking a miscellany of bottles that capture the zeitgeist. The menu for this festive issue includes a parade of down-market perfumes, messages squeezed into bottles, recipes for the perfect Molotov cocktail, the curated contents of celebrity fridges, the curious colours of centuries-old domestic bottles, the racism rife in the wine business, the salvation sought at AA sessions, and the many marvels awaiting you in the mini-bar. Featuring among others Kandace Siobhan Walker, Jacy Topps, José Quintanar, Studio Qiu Yang, AtelierNL, El Ultimo Grito, Emily King, Mirka Laura Severa, Johannes Reponen and an anthology of graphic design talent. Cheers!

The Carpet and
the Territory

Both sacred ground and profane platform, the prayer rug suspends reality, transports worshippers symbolically elsewhere, and orders the confusion of life into a temporary perfection.

The Rug is Back

Overheard conversations, afternoons of topless football, and awkward poses in life-drawing class leave a schoolboy riddled with anxiety about the furry growth extending across his neck, shoulders, ...

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