N° 11 – The Chain


From charms and chokers to shackles and fetters, MacGuffin Nº11 explores the many manifestations of that most contradictory of objects: ‘The Chain’. Worn with love since time immemorial, it is also the ultimate symbol of slavery and suffering. Linking together royals and rappers, provocative punks and crashed cars, cycling skirts and classic scarfs, caged wrestlers and medieval warriors, hyperlinks and haunted houses, Baltic protestors and Cuban revolutionaries, The Chain features Inigo Laguda, Jacqueline de Jong, Harris Blondman, Scheltens & Abbenes, Olivia Ahmad, Rab Messina, Kai Lobjakas and many more.

The Baltic Way

In August 1989, around a million people from the Baltic states expressed their desire for independence by joining hands to create ‘The Baltic Way’, a 690 km human chain from Tallinn to Riga to Vilnius.

Of male

In the evening lull that fairy tales were fantasised to fill, Bediako Blacksmith delivered the same message to his son every night. “Kwame,” he’d rumble softly, “You must be by the window. Even on the day I die. Even on the day you bury me.”

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