N° 9 – The Rug


Make yourself as snug as a bug in a rug and open up MacGuffin Nº 9, dedicated entirely to the world beneath your feet: The Rug. MacGuffin enters a bazaar packed to the rafters with carpet jungles, carpet beaters and carpet traders; war rugs, hairy rugs and prayer rugs; magic carpets, airport carpets and travelling carpets; doormats, tatami mats and coconut mats; carpets made of brick, concrete and peanut butter; carpets from Pakistan, Palestine, Persia and Poland. Featuring Sarah Arnolds, Alessandra Covini, Rachel Dedman, Krijn Giezen, Kayla Mattes, Samuel Nyholm, Hannah Ryggen, Scheltens & Abbenes, Alice Twemlow and many many more.

The Carpet and
the Territory

Both sacred ground and profane platform, the prayer rug suspends reality, transports worshippers symbolically elsewhere, and orders the confusion of life into a temporary perfection.

The Rug is Back

Overheard conversations, afternoons of topless football, and awkward poses in life-drawing class leave a schoolboy riddled with anxiety about the furry growth extending across his neck, shoulders, ...

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