N° 8 – The Desk


Time for some hot desking with MacGuffin Nº 8, an issue devoted entirely to our daily cockpit: the desk. MacGuffin pulls open desk drawers and points up desk plants, surveying a succession of clean desks and messy desks, radical desks and resolute desks, makeshift desks and talk show desks, not to mention the fine art of office pranking and presidential doodling. Featuring François Dallegret, Emily King, Kazuhide Takahama, Saint Jerome, Formafantasma, Jan Švankmajer and many, many more.

Mining Above Ground

Ore Streams, a study of e-waste by Studio Formafantasma, includes a range of office furniture assembled from salvaged materials and components that expose the complex relationship between time, industrial production and the musealization of design.


A last resort for things you don’t know where else to put, a half-­way house for bits and bobs destined for the dustbin, or a secure store for valuables: drawers are a window to the soul. Eight editors reveal what they have hidden away.

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